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Geelong Summer Music Camp 2020 - 40 Year Celebration 

Featuring Special Guest

James Morrison

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Sunday 12th - Friday 17th January 2020


We are now only accepting enrolments for:

Advanced Trombones - Grade 6+


Viola and Cello


The GSMC enrolments are restricted or limited to ensure balanced and musically viable ensemble instrumentation and also to ensure that participants have a musically rewarding learning experience. Please contact GSMC administration if you need more clarification regarding enrolment. Current places are finalised or restricted as above.


Registration is now open - Click Here

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Finale 2019 

"Come Alive"

The Mass Finale from the 2019 Geelong Summer Music Camp (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) singing "Come Alive" accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra led by Edward Fairlie. 

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